Monday, January 28, 2008

Brotherly Love

I came out to my younger brother, Lee, last weekend and it was an ideal experience.
This is how the conversation started:

Draco: “So, Lee- there’s something I’ve been meaning to talk to you about…”

Lee: “Draco- I already know. I’m not stupid.”

Draco: “Oh.”

You see, Lee had already found out about me back in high school- and lately he’s been asking my mom questions and I knew that he was suspicious of me again. His reaction was the best!

Lee: “Draco, you’re my brother and I’ll love you no matter what. Your happiness means a lot to me and I’m glad that you’re doing what makes you happy.”

And Lee almost never tells me that he loves me! During the course of the conversation he said it like 5 times! We talked for about an hour just laughing and being normal. I feel so lucky! Now I only have to worry about my youngest brother, Scott. I think he’ll be fine, though. He also knows from when I was in high school. I’ve asked my mom to talk to him about me before I do to give him some time to get re-used to the idea.

So that’s that- by far the easiest coming-out talk that I’ve ever had. I wish everyone would react the way that Lee did.


October Rising said...

i'm glad it went well for you!

Christopher said...

Good for you, Draco! You have a great family. If your family doesn't end up eternal, nobody's deserves to be.

Remus said...

aren't brothers the best!

Sean said...

I'm glad it went well for you. My brother pretty much had the same reaction, except he didn't already know. I love it when things work out! :)

One of So Many said...

My brothers probably wouldn't act as your brother did. Hence they haven't been told.

[əɪ̯ wʌndɹ̟] said...

My brother was really easy to talk to about it too. He really had no idea when I told him, and though we haven't really discussed it since, it is nice that nothing has changed between us.

Well almost nothing. I have noticed that he tells me he loves me more often.