Monday, October 22, 2007

Defying Gravity

I pretty much live and breathe music. Just like writing, music can serve as an escape for me- but more than that, I feel like it makes life thicker and more complete- like ice cream with your cake or something like that. I love when the lyrics play to my immediate experience. This can make each emotion seem more poignant and precious. So in behalf of all the amazing experiences I’ve had lately, here’s Celine Dion:

“So suddenly, so strange,

life wakes you up, things change.
I've done my best, I've served my call,
I thought I had it all.
So suddenly, so strong
My prejudice was gone
You needed me, I found my place

I'm there for now, these days”

In the two short weeks since I have jumped on board the moho train, I feel almost as though I’ve stepped into someone else’s life. And it’s not a bad thing! –because that someone has actually been me all along- the raw, honest, mask free me. I owe a huge thank you to Brady, Gimple, and Narcissus/Hans Olo, and Calvin for helping me find my footings- you guys are the best! And it’s been awesome meeting more and more of the family as I launch this uncharted course. Sorry if I seem shy at first; that’s just how I am sometimes. All in all, I am so excited about life right now, even though I am not sure where I will end up when the dye is cast. Take it away Elphie!

“And this gift or this curse I have inside-
Maybe at last I’ll know why…”

“I’m through accepting limits ‘cause someone says they’re so.
Some things I cannot change, but ‘til I try I’ll never know.
Too long I’ve been afraid of losing love I guess I’ve lost,
Well if that’s love, it comes at much too high a cost!
I’d sooner buy defying gravity!
Kiss me goodbye- I’m defying gravity,
And you can’t pull me down!”

And with the last word, it’s Julie Andrews:

“What will this day be like… I wonder?
What will my future bring… I wonder?”


Abelard Enigma said...

This post reminded me of a post in my blog a few months ago titled Decrying Bigotry.

Icarus said...

You, my friend, are the first to refer to me by not one, but two random names. I'm honored. And I'm quite happy for you. Mask-free is the ultimate. Cheers!

forever barred said...


Brady said...

It's been fun getting to know you too! And yes, music definitely has a way of adding emotion to life and spicing it up. Many times I associate songs with events happening in my life when the lyrics play to immediate experience. Then when I hear them years later it brings back all sorts of memories and nostalgia. Right now John Mayer, Celine Dion, Le Roi Soliel, and Darren Hayes are really affecting me.

playasinmar said...

I too wonder.

Romulus said...

Oh, I need to get to know you too! Sometime soon.