Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Homosexuality in Heaven?

Okay, so I think it’s natural for me to hope that homosexual companionship exists in heaven because this is a union of two things that I really want. Unfortunately for me, the majority of Christians and probably an even larger majority of latter-day saints think that this idea is blasphemous; it’s all in the scriptures- I mean just look at what happened to Sodom and Gomorra! On the flip side, I am free to believe whatever I want about heavenly homosexuality- as long as I don’t go preaching it as doctrine. This fact has led me to wonder if there is even the remotest possibility of having another guy as an eternal companion. So this is what I’ve come up with- perhaps it’s a laughable theory, but then again, aren’t there a lot of religious ideas that we have as Mormons that are subject to scoffing and ridicule?

Men are that they might have joy, right? So does a homosexual relationship provide real joy or just passing pleasure like any common sin? I think that if I were to marry another guy, I would be sincerely happy. Of course there would be the physical satisfaction, but the relationship would go so much deeper than that. It would entail trust, comfort, generosity, kindness, caring, and real joy. It would not just be the passing pleasure or perceived happiness that comes from things like alcohol, drugs, fornication, or pornography- not that I am familiar with those things. No, I want a relationship full of charity, patience, and peace. So if a committed homosexual marriage would bring me joy, why is it forbidden? Or do I just imagine that it would bring me lasting joy, when in reality the relationship would end at death and I would end up in hell, which doesn’t sound like a very joyous place at all. It’s clear that real joy- the kind that the scriptures talk about- is spiritual and not temporal.

Then maybe I need to ask whether or not my homosexual attractions are a result of my mortal body, or if they are part of my spirit. If attraction comes only as a result of having an imperfect body, then my argument isn’t that great. But we have spirits inside of us, and can’t one spirit or intelligence be attracted to another? I certainly think so. Two people do not get married (or at least they shouldn’t get married) based on mere physical attraction. No, the heavier weight should be given to spiritual attraction- attraction to who the person is, not their appearance. And I’m not just talking about the personality attraction between two friends; I’m implying love- romantic, spiritual, deep love. Doctrine and Covenants teaches us that our intelligences are eternal and were not created. So if I can spiritually be drawn to other guys, it’s logical to say that this tendency has always been a part of who I am and will continue to be an inherent trait into the eternities. If this is true, then why would a loving Heavenly Father not have accommodations in his plan for spirits like mine? I already am seeing some holes in the argument- maybe I’ll flesh it out later, but you get the idea.


Anonymous said...

Hi..I feel for you. But know that a lot of these hottie pics are pics of straight dudes.. check out what real gay guys look like as they get older, not too hot I'm afraid. I have some nice gay neighbors.. the dudes have big pot bellies and are in love though!! don't get caught up in the hollywood fantasy gay thing. See what a sanfran gay bar is like your research.. then decide how to proceed. There is a lot of darker images than the one the internet shows of mostly straight dudes posing as gay guys.. its like that cowboy movie with the two hottie straights portraying themselves as gay.. Not realistic

draco said...

Hopefully this second photo balances things out then :)

Brady said...


I don't think any of us have a skewed idea of what real gay guys look like. Just the same as most straight guys don't have a skewed idea of what real girls look like (despite the magazine and Hollywood images of beautiful, skinny, and flawless bodies).

I think most straight guys would be just as unattracted to old ladies as gay guys are to older men. So I don't see the argument you're trying to make. I think, if I were to marry a guy and grow old with him, it would be at least as passionate and hot as the straight equivalent of a girl and a guy growing old together and still being in love.


I've thought a lot about this as well. General authorities have said that SSA does not exist in the post-mortal life. But I don't know if that's doctrine or speculation. It seems logical that attractions are a not just physical, and thus we would take them with us into the next life. I'm still not sure though.

playasinmar said...

But the GAs used to say it could always be overcome in this life. Now that promise has faded away...

Good post, Draco. I was wondering when a philosophy student would join the discussion.